What are the Cleanse Options?

Cleansing Options can be found on the Optimizer Settings tab on the My Account page. To get here, click on the person icon in the upper right-hand corner, then click on your name. From here, click on the Optimizer Settings tab.

On this page you will see “Contact Data Optimization,” here you have a few options. If you do not check off the boxes next to the three categories (catch-all, threat risk, or email deliverability), there will be a new column field in your deliverable with the corresponding value. This means email threat risks, catch all emails, and deliverability will have its own column in your output with a corresponding value. For example, email threat risk there will either be a Y/N.

If you check off any of the boxes, there will be a second file of isolated records that we deemed identified according to the box(es) that you selected: catch-alls, threat risks, and / or had low deliverability. For email deliverability, if you check this box off you can decide to isolate emails that we deemed were Very Poor, Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent.  For example, if you click “Isolate emails based on deliverability” and choose “Fair,” every record with an email deliverability below Fair will also be isolated (Very Poor & Poor).

You can confirm or change your Cleanse Options for each project and will be able to do so when you start a project. After you click “Optimize my Data” on the File Mapping page, you will be brought to the “Confirm Optimizer Settings” page which will allow you to confirm or change your cleanse settings.

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