Can I search by SIC Code?

Yes, SIC searching is available via the “Industry SIC Codes (or Standard Industrial Classification codes) are a way of classifying an organization based on the industry it operates in.

You can search on one SIC Code or multiple SIC Codes at a time. To do so, go to the “Industry” section on the “Find Contacts” page and select the “SIC Code” tab.

You can expand the SIC code tree by clicking the arrows next to each SIC Code.You can select as many SIC Codes as you want by checking the box next to them.

You can also upload a CSV file of SIC Codes beneath the SIC Code tab where the screen says “Select from the list above or upload a CSV file of SIC Codes." This file has to be in CSV format, and just contain SIC Codes and not any other data.

If you are having difficulty finding an industry, the “SIC Code Lookup by Keyword(s)” feature allows you to search the SIC tree by specific keywords.

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