How can I add records to my shopping cart from my search results?

You can add contacts into your cart in three ways:

  • Click the check box or anywhere on the contact row. This will add the contact to your cart. If a contact that you have selected already exists in your shopping cart, the system will not allow you to add it a second time.
  • Use the Add All feature. This will add all records contained in your search results to your cart.
  • Use the Add Top feature. Enter the number of contacts you would like to be added to your cart. These are determined by our estimated accuracy score. For example, selecting the “Top 1000” will add 1000 net new records to your cart. The system will automatically exclude contacts you have downloaded before.

Please keep in mind that using “Add All will add all contacts to your cart, regardless if those contacts are in your folders or not. Using “Add Top” will only look for contacts that you don’t have in your folders.

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