How do I integrate Marketo with Workbench?

  • Once logged into Workbench, click on your name in the top right corner of the navigation bar
  • Click on the Data Management Settings tab within the My Account window
  • Click on the Marketo box
  • Fill in your Marketo API credentials in the appropriate fields. These can be found by logging into Marketo and navigating to Users & Roles. Create an API only user. Then navigate to the LaunchPoint section and create a new service. One the service is created click view details for the client id and client secret tokens. Finally grab the REST API endpoint from the bottom of the Web Services section. You will choose everything before the third “/”
  • Copy and paste the values from the Marketo screens into their corresponding slots in the credentials section
    • Rest API endpoint: into Rest API Endpoint
    • Client ID: into Client Service Client ID
    • Client Secret: into Client Service Client Secret
  • Click Save Credentials
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