How do I create a new field in my Contact Optimizer deliverable with Dun & Bradstreet data that I do not currently track?

You will select your enrichment options on the Configure Custom Layout page. To make enrichment mapping easier for your, we have grouped each field we are able to enrich together by category. These Attribute Groups are listed on the left-hand side. The middle Output Column is where you can choose and add desired data fields you would like to include.

Click on the "(Unmapped)" drop-down and you will see at the bottom a free text field next to the blue "Add" button. Type what you would like this new field to be named in your deliverable into the text box and click "Add."

For example, if you would like to have the Dun & Bradstreet Primary Job Function field in your database, but do not want to overwrite any of your existing fields, you can add a field called D&B Primary Job Function.

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