How do I exclude specific contacts or companies from my search results?

To exclude contacts from your search results it is best to utilize the Suppression List filter. Create a suppression file in excel that contains the specific email addresses and email domains that you would like to be excluded. Use email addresses to exclude contacts and email domains to exclude companies. Each email address or domain should be in its own cell in column A and the file should be saved as a CSV.

To upload this list to the tool, add the Suppression List filter to your search criteria and click on the gray picklist icon to the far right of the filter, then select Add Suppression List. This will take you to select the file from your computer. Once you have selected it and uploaded it to the filter, click the check box to the right-hand side of the file name on the Manage Suppression Lists tab, then click the Use Selected Suppression Lists button.

If you do not know the company email domain, you can suppress entire companies by using the Company Name filter. Enter the company name and select ‘Is Not’ or ‘Does Not Contain’ to exclude companies. If you need help excluding companies, please contact our Support team at 1-800-870-5199. You can also submit a request any time via our support portal at

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