What does the Data Insights tab on the Company Optimizer report tell me?

Records Matched: This pie chart represents the percentage of companies in your provided file that we are able to match and append Dun & Bradstreet data onto.

Duplicate Companies: A company record is considered a duplicate if there is another company in the file that matches to the same DUNS number.

Linkages: This pie chart identifies if your provided companies are standalone companies or connected to another entity. A standalone company is either a Single location or Headquarter location. A connected company is a Branch location of an entity.

Marketable Records: This pie chart is broken down into two percentages based off the companies matched to in the Dun & Bradstreet database: those that are Marketable and those that are considered Non-Marketable. A company is considered Non-Marketable if they have asked to be on the D&B “Do Not Market List”, the company is out of business, or if Dun & Bradstreet cannot verify the company’s address.

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