How do I create a new field in my Company Optimizer deliverable with Dun & Bradstreet data that I do not currently track?

After you are done with the “File Mapping” page, click “Optimize My Data.” This will bring you to “Confirm Optimizer Settings.” We recommend using the Confidence Code of 6, however, you can always change that per your marketing objectives. Next you will be brought to the “Configure Custom Layout” page, here you will be able to select what output columns you would like to come back in your finalized file. In the “Output Column” you will type what you want this new field to be called into the text box and click “Add.”

For example, if you would like to have the Dun & Bradstreet Location Type field in your database, but do not want to overwrite any of your existing fields, you can add a field called D&B Location Type and the information will be appended to a new column.

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